My Blog is moving

I have had so much trouble with my ‘other’ blog that I am in the process of moving…

When things are up and running again we will be working on the patterning of an antique album quilt that is new to my collection. . .

IMG_9243Email me to let me know if you are interested in making one of your own.


McKim Studios – 2016 CELEBRATION!

Ruby Short McKim

Click on the photo to visit the website!

Did you know that 2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Ruby Short McKim’s first published quilt pattern, ‘Quaddy Quiltie’ in 1916.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!


Here we are in the year 2012.  Can you believe it?!! I can’t.  My father was correct about many things including the fact that time goes by faster and faster with each passing year.  Once it is gone all we have left are the memories and hopefully a few more quilts.

There are many ways to document time.  This blog will be a new method for me.  My goal is to share some of my quilting adventures with others. Not that what I do is extra special, you might not even find it interesting. But I love quilting, antique quilts and lots of other things that I would like to share with others who may have a similar or developing interest.  So join me, won’t you, as we explore new quilts, antique quilts and other wonders . . .